For a long time, the social networking site Twitter has stood apart from competitors such as Facebook and Instagram, an online community focused more on conversations and academia than the world of glossy photographs and influencers. But according to research, a high percentage of its users are interested in discovering new things. So how can ecommerce sites monetise this curiosity and reach the mostly untapped Twitter market?

Up until recently, brands were limited in how they could use Twitter to generate sales. And while the platform has always been useful for sparking conversations around products, launches, and services, customers looking to make a purchase have needed to navigate away from the site to make a purchase: a long process that typically sees conversion rates plummet. Now, though, Shopify has introduced a Twitter sales channel that connects potential customers directly with Shopify accounts, putting products directly in front of the people who want them the most.

According to Shopify, a recent survey revealed that as many as 76% of Twitter users agree that conversations on the platform have inspired them to make a purchase in the past. And so, the popular e-commerce site has introduced a way to cut out the middleman. For sellers, it’s a great way to boost visibility and increase sales, reaching a wider audience than ever before.

Currently, the feature is split across two different categories, the first of which is Shop Spotlight. With this, store owners can showcase up to five items in a carousel-style display in each individual tweet. Alternatively, they can add a Twitter Shops button to their profile, which is capable of displaying up to 50 products. When a customer clicks any of these links, they will be automatically directed to the relevant Shopify page to continue their purchase.

So far, it’s an idea that has generated excitement across the board. In fact, Shopify experts estimate that almost 95% of Twitter’s heaviest users are likely to make purchases via the platform’s sales channels. And the good news for sellers is that there are no complicated algorithms or processes to learn – just a quick and simple way to increase their audience while managing everything from their existing Shopify account.

At the moment, Shopify’s Twitter sales channel is only available to customers in the U.S. But as the feature looks set to be a roaring success, sellers are holding their breath that it will soon be rolled out on the other side of the Atlantic as well.