If you’re gearing up to launch your business online, there are plenty of things to consider. Have you planned out an accurate shipping strategy, for example, and do you have a solid marketing campaign in place? But one thing you should not overlook is your choice of e-commerce platform. Although it might seem tempting to just sign up to the first one that catches your eye, it’s important to pick the option that works for you.

So how to decide? Here, we look at five major platforms and weigh up their benefits to help you make the right decision.


As the most popular e-commerce platform in the UK, Wix has plenty to offer. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for even complete beginners to get started, building a basic website and adding e-commerce functionality in just a few clicks. Primarily a web development tool, Wix lacks some of the more refined features that its competitors offer, but it’s still a great launchpad for your online business.


In second place in the popularity stakes comes Shopify, a specialized platform designed specifically with e-commerce in mind. Essentially, this means that everything is optimised for those looking to run their own online store. And with the use of Shopify Apps, it’s easy to tailor their service to handle every aspect of your business – from fulfilment to POS and more.


A cloud-based e-commerce platform based in the UK, EKM is geared more towards the UK market than some of its international competitors. And that means it could be a great choice for independent businesses looking for a local connection. With an all-in-one approach, they offer everything you need to set up and manage your online store – and score an impressive 9.4 on Trustpilot.


Despite the name, BigCommerce actually offers support for merchants of all sizes. As well as tailored services for small and larger businesses, they also offer a range of B2B solutions – unlike many other e-commerce platforms. With no transaction fees, this is also a great option for the budget-conscious, although its functionality is more limited than some of its competitors.

Big Cartel

An e-commerce platform with a focus on artists and makers, Big Cartel could be a good option for those looking to transform a hobby into a profitable side-hustle. This highly customisable platform allows you to easily tweak the design of your store from your laptop or mobile phone, while delivering real-time stats that will help your business to grow.