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Let’s be honest! There aren’t many of us who have been following a healthy, diet over this past difficult year. It’s probably only natural you’re not feeling your best, right? But for millions of people in the UK, there could be another reason for sluggishness, weight gain, etc.

In fact, there are more than two million people in the UK who are suffering from diagnosed food intolerance! And countless others who remain in the dark about what certain foods are doing to their bodies. Could you be among them?

For too long, people have had to rely on time-consuming and inconclusive doctor’s appointments or lengthy elimination diets. But after a long battle with IBS, Supply Life founder, Ricky decided to make a change. Inspired by his own struggles with digestion and health, he began studying all he could about food and diet, eventually learning enough to get his syndrome under control. So, he decided to help others make the same leaps.

Today, Supply Life offers a range of food intolerance tests and allergy testing kits, making it easy for anyone to quickly and reliably determine which parts of their diet might be causing issues. Customers can choose between complete packages, which cover more than 200 common foods and include custom meal plans, nutritionist consultations and more, or the more budget-friendly core option, which tests for 60 common foods. For anyone who’s experiencing issues such as bloating and fatigue after eating, it’s a great way to learn more about how your diet is affecting you.

And the results speak for themselves. Having garnered countless five-star reviews for their testing kits, Supply Life is fast becoming a market leader in the food intolerance and allergy sector. In other words, just the sort of business that Add to Cart likes to invite on-board. Now, a choice of packages are available in the dedicated Supply Life store – helping you get on track for health.

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