As a dedicated e-shop owner, you know that your products are great. But if you want to be successful, you need to make sure that your prospective customers know that too. And most of the time, the way you visually present your products plays a big part in how your audience perceives your brand. Here are some tips to taking photographs that will up your conversion rate to the max.

Choose the right background

Where you choose to shoot your images can make all the difference. A messy background filled with clutter is not going to persuade your customers to click ‘Buy’… instead, try and find a plain, white surface to shoot your product against. Or, if that seems a little too bland, you can mix things up by shooting against a textured surface, such as wood or rock.


The good news is that you don’t need fancy lighting set up to make your products look their best. Most of the time, natural light will do everything that you need – so find a space to shoot in a well-lit room or even outdoors if possible. If you’re low on sunshine, try using lamps to surround your products and provide light from all angles.

Understand composition

Taking good product photos isn’t as simple as just pointing and shooting – you need to give some thought to how the image is composed. As a general rule, the object of interest should sit within the middle third of the frame. And if scale is important, make sure you include something to clearly demonstrate the size of your product.

Avoid filters

These days, it’s become almost second nature to add filters to every image we capture, whether they’re sweeping landscape vistas or selfies on a night out. But resist the temptation to apply the same technique to your product photos. The goal here is clarity and professionalism – so leave the filters alone.

Experiment with macro

Even if you’re just using your smartphone to capture photos, it probably has a macro setting designed for photographing images up close. So if you’re snapping something small and want to show off the details, this is a great mode for showcasing your products at their best.