Whether you’re just getting started in your e-commerce adventure or an established business looking to boost your sales, the world of online shopping is vast. Of course, the key to success is marketing products that consumers want to buy – but how can you predict these shopping trends? To get a head start, take a look at the latest trending products for 2021.

Pamper kits

With people across the country stuck at home, products that allow you to indulge in a home spa experience are currently in vogue. Peel-off face masks are inexpensive to produce and are popular with shoppers who want a treat that won’t break the bank, while nail polish for DIY manicures is also on-trend.

Gym equipment and exercise gear

After the indulgence of December and January, many of us are looking forward to a healthier 2021 – which is why exercise gear is currently trending. But shoppers don’t seem to be splashing too much cash on their gear. So if you want to get ahead, affordable products such as yoga mats and exercise bands look set to be the smart choice.

Home decor

Like the last lockdown, shoppers are going DIY crazy as we move into 2021, with searches for products such as furniture, rugs and other soft furnishings at a high. And while we all hope that restrictions will begin to ease later in the year, it seems as if the trend for home makeovers is not going away any time soon.

Board Games

Another craze that’s likely the result of ongoing lockdown restrictions, board games and jigsaw puzzles are also proving a big hit with shoppers in 2021. So if you’re looking to branch out, investing in these family-friendly forms of home entertainment should be a smart move.

Outdoor gear

If 2021 turns out anything like 2020, we’ll all be turning to outdoor activities in our droves. At the higher end of the spectrum, accessories for sports such as kayaking are currently trending, while cheaper pieces of kit, such as water bottles, are also highly in demand.

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