Did you know that Islam is the second-largest religion in the UK? With millions of practicing Muslims in the country, the Islamic goods market is stronger than ever before. But for many people, finding items such as clothing, food, and homeware products in their local area can be a struggle. And that’s why the founders of The Islamic Shop launched their business — an online store that delivers a range of must-have items direct to your door.

At The Islamic Shop you’ll find a wide selection of items specially selected for Muslims living in the UK, including books, jewellery, gifts and more. Planning your Hajj and need quality ihram clothing for the whole family? Or perhaps you’re looking for prayer accessories such as hats, beads, or mats? At The Islamic Shop they stock everything that UK Muslims need to practice their religion in comfort — including things that are difficult to find in everyday western stores.

But the Islamic Store isn’t just about religion — it’s about a whole way of life. And that’s why you’ll also find a range of cultural items in stock, from room fragrances that you’re sure to remember from your childhood to cosmetics, toys, halal sweets, and much more.

Because the Islamic store appeals to so many families and households around the UK, we knew that we wanted to get them on board with Add to Cart. And we’re delighted to announce that they’ve decided to join our diverse family of stores. Now, visitors to our online marketplace can find hundreds of The Islamic Shop products at the click of a button — and our expert approach to SEO and marketing will ensure that the store reaches more customers than ever before. So it’s a win-win for all parties!

If you’re interested in purchasing quality Islamic products online — without the need to seek out a specialist store — then check out the newest member of the Add to Cart community today.

Click here to visit The Islamic Shop on Add to Cart.