Looking for a new direction for your e-commerce business? Perhaps you’re an existing store wanting to branch out or a start-up searching for a trending industry to make your debut onto the scene? Whatever your situation, we all want to stock popular products that inspire people to shop at your store. Here, we take a look at some trending products to sell in 2022 and offer some e-commerce inspiration.


In a world still adjusting to life in a pandemic, many parents are spending more time with their children than ever before. And while this is great for families, it also means an increase in demand for things that will keep little ones entertained. As such, the market for toys has been steadily increasing since 2020 – and shows no signs of slowing down. Our top tip is to stock toys that are both fun and educational, utilising an organic social media strategy to maximise word of mouth.

Power tools

For those not spending the pandemic focused on quality time with the kids, DIY has also become a popular pastime, sending sales of power tools through the roof. Traditionally, shoppers have largely used big, established stores for their DIY needs, but now so many more people are purchasing tools online the market has opened up to new merchants. To make the most of this trend, take advantage of ad systems such as Google Shopping to get your store to the top of search results. 

Car parts

Continuing the practical trend, 2022 is also predicted to see a rise in the popularity of motor vehicle parts as more and more people take to tinkering around beneath the hood of their favorite car. Sure, this is a specialist area, and you’ll need to have at least a basic understanding of mechanics to do well in this industry. But if you’ve got the right background and utilise marketing methods such as Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site, you’ve got everything you need to cultivate a successful specialist store.

Office chairs

Looking forward to 2022, office chairs are set to be big news. Whether it’s people returning to the office after enjoying the comforts of home or remote workers wanting to make their spaces more pleasant, it seems everyone’s looking to invest in a high-spec office chair. With plenty of different options on the market, though, it’s important that you choose a direction and market accordingly. Are you offering ergonomic design for comfort, sleek looks for style, or a combination of both? With targeted ads, you could soon find yourself at the helm of a thriving business.


The home movie trend is one that rears its head every few years, only to disappear and remerge further down the line. So while it is a gamble, all signs point to another resurgence in 2022 – giving you plenty of time to embrace this high-value industry. To maximise your profits, we recommend exploring the world of home projectors, selling the tools and accessories needed to screen movies in the comfort of your own home.

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