There is no better buzz than receiving a notification that a new order has been placed on your website; fact! Whether you are selling homeware, clothing or even electronics, knowing that a user has gone through the process of ordering from you encourages pure elation.

But, how can you turn this one-off customer into a recurring one?

With returning customers being hugely profitable for eCommerce business owners, doing all you can to encourage repeat orders should be your marketing priority. Below, we look at a few strategic tactics and tips eCommerce website owners can adopt when advertising their products online.

Invest in customer support

A recent survey found that those who enjoy a positive customer service experience are 85% more likely to return to that vendor in the future than those that have had a negative experience. 

Here are a few ways you can enhance the level of customer support you are offering your customers: 

  • Ensure your e-commerce site has a live chat feature.
  • Respond to customer emails and enquiries promptly and professionally.
  • Make sure customers can contact you via various means including live chat, telephone, social media and email. 
  • Ship and send products on the dates you have promised.
  • Keep customers in the loop at every stage of the ordering process.

Make it easy to order

The main reason shoppers abandon their carts is due to difficulty in ordering.

The easier your website is to order through the more likely a customer will want to repeat the process further down the line. One really important feature to ensure you have integrated into your website is autofill, allowing users to quickly autofill contact information, card details and delivery instructions with the tap of an iPhone.

You may also want to introduce an option that allows users to save their details and payment information for their next order. This will plant the seed of making a subsequent order.

It is also essential that your eCommerce website is responsive and can be used seamlessly on mobile devices. This is because the majority of online shoppers now use smartphones and tablets to make their online purchases.

Launch a loyalty offer

All consumers appreciate money-off promotions, no matter how small or substantial they are. By launching promotions such as ‘10% off your second order’, you give customers a great incentive to return and fill up their cart!

However, it is important to not overdo it on the offers front. This can become obvious to the customer and feel less rewarding.

Utilise the wonders of email marketing

Whether it be to thank customers for their order, inform them of the launch of a new product, or share a link to a blog post/business announcement, using email to communicate with past customers can be powerful.

As well as ensuring that your brand is fresh in their mind, you can use emails to bring customers back to your website and to engage with the products you have for sale.

Allow customers to track their orders

Having regular touchpoints with customers throughout the sales process will only serve as an advantage. What modern consumers enjoy is the ability to track their order from the point of purchase to the moment the item/items arrive at their home.

Having a facility to track a parcel gives customers peace of mind that their order is on its way, giving them faith in your brand. A customer that trusts your brand is certainly likely to reorder from you.

So, there you have it; some of the most useful and proven techniques to encourage returning customers to your eCommerce platform.