Looking to grow your online store? Whether you’re just starting out or an established business hoping to grow your client base, there’s a lot to be gained from keying in to the latest trends. Here, we’ve gathered together 10 of the hottest products for online shoppers in 2022 – and there’s still plenty of time to get in on the act.


Whether it’s the ebook or print variety, books were one of the surprise success stories of 2021, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. With more and more people choosing to enjoy their leisure time in the comfort of their own home, there’s never been a better time to invest in books. In fact, the market is worth more than $25 billion across the globe.


Along the same lines, dinner parties are also more popular than ever before – which has pushed demand for quality dinnerware to an all-time high. According to experts, the market looks set to go from strength to strength, eventually hitting $55 billion in 2027. So whether you’re looking to source from a wholesale supplier or hunt down vintage bargains, now is a great time to branch out.

Pet accessories

Research has shown that many millennials are choosing pets over children – but that doesn’t mean they’re not equally spoiled! Since our love of our furry friends is showing no signs of abating, why not tap into the trend and boost your business by stocking high-end pet accessories in 2022?

Cleaning supplies

While it’s not exactly a glamorous industry, it’s certainly a growing one – apparently, the household cleaning supplies market could surpass $320 billion by 2028. In recent years, online stores have been overtaking traditional retailers, making this the perfect time to expand your business in this direction.

Electronic components

In the depths of lockdown, many people decided to start tinkering with their electronics – and even though things have opened up, the hobby has remained popular. With this in mind, electronic components are big news online, catering to the growing demographic of tech heads keen to DIY.

Vinyl records

Perhaps one of the more unexpected mentions on this list, vinyl records are enjoying something of a comeback. In fact, the market is currently worth some $1.3 billion across the globe – and it’s growing every day. So whether you want to trawl markets for second hand finds or press your own vinyl, it’s an industry that’s definitely worth exploring.

Marine radar

Another unexpected industry experiencing unprecedented growth is marine radar systems – a market that’s been steadily on the rise since 2021. As it turns out, boats are big business, and accessories such as radar are essential. So if you want to target a demographic with guaranteed cash to splash, this one could be worth a closer look.

DJ equipment

Moving into 2022, DJ equipment looks set to be another hot trend, as people try to recreate the tunes and mixes of their idols in their own bedrooms. Whether you’re targeting beginners or launching a service aimed at the pros, branching out into this world could earn you a hefty share of a market that’s set to soar over the coming year.

Measuring cups and spoons

Over the last few years, more people have turned to baking than ever before. Inspired by lockdown as well as popular television shows, amateur cooks across the country are stocking up their kitchens – and spending big in the process. And according to experts, measuring utensils are at the top of their lists.

False eyelashes

If you’re looking to branch out into the beauty world, make false eyelashes your number one choice. As we all get used to going “out out” again, interest in falsies and related accessories is growing across the board. So if you want your business to boom in 2022, consider exploring this option.