Think you’ve done everything possible to maximise sales for your online store? If you’ve already got a great product, a slick website, and a solid marketing campaign, you’re well on your way to success. But did you know that there are lots of ways to optimise your product page and drive conversions higher than ever before? Check out our top tips.

Call to action

No matter what else is going on, your main goal is to get visitors to click on that all-important ‘Add to Cart.’ So make it as easy as you possibly can! Experts recommend keeping the page free from clutter, so the button is easy to spot, and using your copy to direct readers towards the next stage.

Product photography

Without being able to physically see your product, customers have to rely on the next best thing – and poorly-lit, blurry images are a big turn off. Instead, spend time photographing your products in the best light, experimenting with props and angles to find the most compelling arrangement.

Social proof

Another great way to build trust in your brand is by adding social proof to your product page. Typically, this takes the form of a positive review, but it could also be an embedded Instagram post, a Facebook mention or a first-person testimonial.

Getting the details right

Generally speaking, the more money a customer is looking to spend, the more detail they will expect on a product page. So while budget brands can probably get away with a single paragraph or so, high-end items need some serious attention to copy. If you’re positioning yourself as a luxury brand, you may want to consider hiring a professional copywriter for your product page.

Remember branding

It’s worth noting that many potential customers won’t even see your landing page, particularly if they have clicked a link to a specific product. So you’ll want to make sure that your brand identity is present throughout your entire site. That means consistent graphics, branding and messaging on every page.