Gone are the days when Facebook marketing meant little more than a sponsored post. Whether you’re new to the medium or an old hand, you’re probably aware that there are now many different types of Facebook ads. But which ones are the most effective – and how can you make them work for you?

Image ads

Probably the most popular type of Facebook ad, image ads are also the simplest to create – all you need is an eye-catching photo and some engaging, succinct copy. This can either take the form of a boosted post or an ad specifically designed for this purpose – the choice is yours. What you will want, though, is a call to action, accompanied by a link to a product or social media page. For the biggest impact, try and keep the text to 20 percent or less of the total ad.

Video ads

Another popular, easy-to-master format is the Facebook video ad. Essentially, it’s the same as above, but with a video instead of a still image attached. And while this might take a little longer to put together, research suggests that potential customers are far more likely to engage with video content. So if your budget can stretch this far, it’s definitely an avenue that’s worth exploring.

Poll ads

Moving away from the traditional formats into more experimental territory, Facebook poll ads are a great way to gauge what your customers are thinking – and raise awareness of your brand. Typically, these take the form of a simple poll that invites users to choose one of two options. And while it’s not necessarily effective as a form of direct marketing, it’s a proven method of boosting engagement and receiving direct feedback from potential customers.

Dynamic ads

Have you ever browsed an online store before visiting Facebook – only to see the products you viewed right there on your screen? These placements are called dynamic ads, and they’re a great way to drive conversions. Unique to each user, these ads are obviously more expensive to arrange – but the personal touch may well be worth the extra investment.

Augmented reality ads

Want to really take your business into the future? These ads utilize augmented reality technology to deliver an immersive experience, allowing users to virtually view and explore your products. Typically, these ads appear on feeds and invite potential customers to engage on a whole new level. And if the experts are to be believed, they represent the future of advertising on Facebook and beyond. So if you want to get in on the act early, you should consider branching out.