Hands up who’s suffering from lockdown bulge? We’ve all let our health and fitness goals slip during these challenging times, but now it’s time to get back in shape. With gyms still offering limited access, though, how can we turn that flab into muscle fast? All across the country, shoppers are going crazy for home gym equipment, hoping to recreate their favourite fitness routines without leaving the house.

As the fitness sector continues to grow, The Iron Den has emerged as a market leader in premium gym equipment. Want accessories that will help you work on your core strength, such as ViPR or momentum trainers? Or perhaps you’re looking for products that will help you with specific goals such as strength training, weight loss or muscle strength and endurance? Whatever you’re looking for, the team at The Iron Den can find the right equipment for you.

From dumbbells, bars and grip plates to steppers, resistance bands and more, The Iron Den offers a wide range of products to help you reach your fitness goals. Borne out of a love of wellness, the company prides itself on offering genuine products sourced by people who really care about keeping fit. And as lockdown has changed many of our lives, they have stayed focused on their mission: to help as many people as possible get fit and active despite the challenges posed by recent developments.

Moreover, the team behind The Iron Den are proud to admit that they are neither influencers nor Instagram fanatics: they are simply regular people with a passion for fitness, keen to aid others in reaching their goals. And because they use all of the equipment themselves, they know exactly what they are selling.

In other words, The Iron Den is just the sort of independent business that Add to Cart loves to support. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome them as they launch their own dedicated store. Boasting some 130 products across almost 20 different collections, it’s the one-stop-shop with everything you need for getting – and staying – fit.

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