Technology is by far the greatest invention of the modern world, with the average person using a technologically-charged device for more than 6 hours every day. Whether that be using social media on a smartphone, a desktop for work tasks, or asking Alexa what the weather is like next weekend, we rely on technology in order to get by. However, online shopping is regarded as one of the biggest contributors to our love for tech. But, what are the most popular items internet users shop for online?

Below, we take a look at some of the most-searched-for items on online shopping sites.

1: Food and drink

With 21st century life being incredibly busy, seldom do we have the time to walk around supermarkets and stores to buy the food and drink we need for the week/month. This is why over 40% of Brits now do their food shop online, using various e-commerce sites to search, order and arrange for delivery of their goods. This figure has spiked since the Covid-19 outbreak, with many more Brits still wanting to limit social interaction and not visit busy supermarkets.

2: Books

As online shopping continues to take precedence over visiting the high street, many bookstores are having to adapt and take their stock online. With books, magazines and newspapers now mostly bought via the internet, online retailers are understandably venturing into book sales in order to accommodate modern consumers.

3: Smartphones and smartphone gadgets

The internet is a mecca for smartphones and innovative smartphone gadgets, being hugely in demand by online shoppers. While ordering a new handset or buying into a mobile phone contract online isn’t a new phenomenon, consumers can now search for phones from across the globe. Whether that be directly from a manufacturer, a third-party outlet or via sites like eBay or Amazon, the options are endless.

When it comes to phone gadgets and accessories, the following items are hugely desired:

  • Phone cases
  • Phone stands
  • Phone screen protectors
  • Webcam covers
  • Foil stickers
  • Chargers
  • And much more!

4: Household goods

The homeware market was valued at £13.5 billion in 2019; a market that is booming of late. That is thanks to the emergence of homeware-focused e-commerce sites, with various sites featuring affordable furniture, utensils, and decorative objects that you can have delivered straight to your door that day.

5: Clothing

Fifth on our list of popular items to buy online is clothing and apparel. E-commerce revenue of retailers in the fashion sector continues to increase as more people shop online for clothes. At present, online sales account for over 20% of all clothing purchases, with that number expected to grow further year-on-year.