By now, we should all know that plastics are harmful to the Earth. In fact, scientists estimate that there are more than 8 billion plastic straws in the world’s oceans today, and many more single-use items littering the seas, rivers and beaches of every country. So what can we do to make a change?

Increasingly, both companies and governments alike are moving away from single-use plastics and towards more sustainable alternatives. And that’s where Stroodles comes in. On a mission to stop landfill waste, this innovative company produces a range of everyday objects that are sustainable, zero-waste and biodegradable, helping to work towards a cleaner planet.

Starting with the humble drinking straw, the team at Stroodles developed an alternative made from wheat and water, known as a pasta straw. Flavorless and edible, they hold their shape (unlike paper straws) and won’t cause any damage even if they do end up in the ocean. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also a great talking point for eco-friendly businesses, events and more.

But Stroodles isn’t just about straws. They also produce edible, biodegradable biscuit spoons, available in both savoury and sweet, as well as eco plates and bowls made from wheat bran and cups crafted from natural grains. In some cases, the company even uses waste products from the food industry to create their wares, making them an even more sustainable choice.

At Stroodles, the team hopes to tackle the plastic crisis head on, making it easy and affordable for consumers to make conscious, responsible choices. And it’s exactly the sort of approach that we like to support at Add to Cart, with our focus on small-scale, local and independent businesses. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined forces with Stroodle to offer their incredible, sustainable products across our platform. Let’s work together towards a better, cleaner world!