Whether you have recently found out that you are expecting or have just welcomed your little one and are in that newborn bubble, it is likely that you will have a long list of baby-related items that you want and/or need. Where the majority of mums and dads used to get their baby items on the high street, in recent years we have seen a huge shift to online shopping.

Below, we look at the most popular baby products UK parents buy online.

Baby bibs

Babies dribble a lot…fact! This is why baby bibs are such a popular, staple item parents buy online. Due to their vitality, many decide to buy baby bibs as a gift for new and expecting parents. Plus, unlike many baby and toddler items, they are inexpensive.

Personalised baby items

Welcoming a baby into the world is special. For this reason, many choose to buy and gift personalised baby and toddler items. Whether that be a baby grow, cute bib or a cuddly teddy bear, buying personalised items has a certain sense of intimacy and speciality about it.


As babies turn into toddlers, the playtime begins! The majority of parents choose to buy their little ones playmats. These are mats that allow babies the space to explore and get that all-important tummy time in!

Toy Kitchens

Toy kitchens are great for helping children forge important life skills and develop a passion for food. As well as being a good toy for a child’s development, they are also incredibly fun!

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