Studies show that the UK region retail sales for clothes and accessories were 50.5% lower than in 2020. Since the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted fashion sales in the UK, many shoppers have cut back on purchases. But those who still want to shop have turned to eCommerce, where they can find the clothes they want online. Add to Cart now has a wide collection of fashion brands for you!

We will look at the UK’s top best clothes and accessories.

The top five online retailers based in the UK clothing and accessories sales are now

at Add to Cart!

Everyone is well aware that e-commerce is rapidly growing. The Office for National Statistics reports that 97% of the UK population have made online purchases in the past 12 months. 

Why is online shopping so popular?

The answer is – online retailers in the UK offer domestic delivery that is convenient, quick, and affordable. There are hundreds of brands online, which is great news for every fashion lover! But with so many options, you may get confused about which one will be the right choice for you – especially for people who want unique products. This list includes top brands of the UK’s market leader in women’s clothing available on Add to Cart to help you on your online shopping journeys.

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Asos is the most popular and trusted online fashion retailer. The company operates entirely online and does not have a physical location based in the UK. They offer over 80,000 products, including menswear and womenswear in regular and plus sizes. ASOS also has its collections, such as ASOS Africa, ASOS White and ASOS Curve, and ASOS Tall.


Boohoo is another popular online retailer that offers trendy and affordable clothes in various sizes for men and women. The brand is inspired by celebrities and frequently collaborates with them. You can get free delivery anywhere in the UK with their low-priced Premier yearly membership. They also offer free delivery promotions, so keep an eye out.

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Zara stores sell men’s and ladies’ clothing and Zara Kids clothing. The distribution centre in Spain processes all of the clothing. The new items are checked, sorted and tagged before being loaded onto trucks. Most clothing arrives within 48 hours. Zara makes over 450,000,000 items annually. Zara also offers accessories, shoes and swimwear, and beauty and perfumes. Zara Beauty launched its first beauty product, ZARA Beauty, in May 2021.

John Lewis

John Lewis is a British favourite. The highly-respected department store can be found throughout every major UK city. Their online shop gives you a glimpse into the everyday culture of Britain. Their site offers a variety of clothing items but what makes it stand out is the unique and rare tea caddies they have. They do offer international shipping. However, some products might not be available for international delivery. John Lewis 

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a lesser-known UK brand to people outside the UK. Although their sister brand Top Shop is well-known, this more conservative company sells top quality fashion products. It is worth looking at the quality of their staple pieces for both men and women. Local deliveries qualify for free standard shipping if you place a minimum order.

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Add to Cart has a collection of cheap yet elegant party wear as well as stunning accessories.

Let’s have a look at some of the most searched clothes and accessories on Add to Cart.

ASOS Brave Soul Elise Midi Cami Dress

ASOS Elise Midi Cami dress was created to give you a stylish and cool look. It has an attractive, boho-chic appearance design suitable for a party or a relaxed night out with your friends!

Dorothy Perkins Lightweight Puff Sleeves T-Shirt

The brand new Dorothy Perkins Lightweight T-Shirt is elegant for office as well as casual wear. It’s light and comes with the puff 3/4th sleeves. The stunning Blush colour will leave you feeling great both inside and outside.

Zara Black Chunky Heel Sandals

Zara Black Hefty Heels are top of the fashion list for this summer! Zara are the ideal sandals for summer events or shopping with your girlfriends! No matter what your occasion Zara are the perfect shoes to have this season!

Boohoo Long Sleeve Key Hole Choker Crushed Velvet

Boohoo’s Chocker crushed velvet dress is ideal for a private event. You’ll look stunning with this stunning dress that showcases your sophisticated style.

Zara Printed Wrap Effect Mini Dress

The vibrant stripes on this mini dress add sparkle to your walk. The dress is designed to give a cinching and slimming effect to smooth out your silhouette. 

Latest Stats & Facts UK Clothing sector | Retail Economics

As per the stats & facts of the UK clothing sector, the apparel and footwear markets are expected to continue growing in the future. The UK Consumer Market Outlook report by Statista shows that the market will recover faster and grow, reaching 67 billion British pounds by 2026. According to data from different industry segments, women’s clothing is expected to grow faster than those in men’s and children’s wear.

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