As the worst of winter slowly begins to fade and we start to consider coming out of our long hibernation, personal grooming products are seeing a rise in popularity. So what better time to welcome Groomarang to the illustrious ranks of 

The original Groomarang beard shaping device was conceived as a way to help men of all ages banish bad beards for good. A shaping and styling template, it can be used alongside clippers and razors to create a wide variety of beard styles. So whether you’re a facial hair pro or just dipping your toes into the hirsute world, it will help you get barber-quality results every time.

But Groomarang has grown to become about so much more than their hit styling comb. Now, they offer a huge range of male grooming products, including beard oil and balms, accessories, growth spray, shampoos, wax and more. And they’ve also branched out to cater for much more than beards. Thanks to their selection of hair and skincare products, men can look their best for any occasion – all without breaking the bank.

There’s even a range for the ladies too. Recently, beauty fans have been going crazy for ‘Fleek’ – the world’s first hair threading and eyebrow shaping wand, which makes it easy to achieve salon-style results at home. Alongside that, Groomarang also offer hair removal solutions, teeth whitening kits and cleansing face masks… essentially, the whole package to help you look and feel your best.

Since the company’s launch in 2016 Groomarang has been going from strength to strength, carefully expanding their product range to deliver a wide range of both male and female grooming products. And now, they’re set to take the next step by signing up with Add to Cart. With an expert e-commerce marketing platform behind them, there’s no telling where the future will take this exciting brand.