Black Friday is the shopping event of the year! As well as being the day that most start their Christmas shopping, Black Friday is also the day where the most significant savings can be enjoyed. From cosmetic companies to theatres and clothing companies, 95% of brands offer some form of promotion on this joyous occasion.

But, we are excited to see some unique offerings this year, with consumers and brands changing their behaviours following the pandemic.

Below, we look at a few anticipated trends for Black Friday 2021.

Money off large orders

Retailers will want shoppers to fill their carts on Black Friday. In order to encourage large quantity purchases, we expect retailers to offer money-off deals on large orders.

Buy now, pay later 

In a recent blog post, we discussed the influx of 0% finance options on e-commerce sites. With the popularity of these ‘buy now pay later’ schemes on the up, we expect them to play an integral role in Black Friday 2021. Although most larger online retailers already offer such options, we can expect smaller independent brands to go down this route too.

Free shipping on Black Friday

Modern online shoppers are savvy deal-hunters. While the price of goods will have a bearing on if they make a purchase, the price for shipping will also be a focus. This is why brands that want to make this Black Friday a success will be offering reduced or free shipping options to both new and loyal customers.

Brand loyalty is dead

Recent research into consumer behaviour has shown that buyers now make purchasing decisions based mostly on price and delivery options. No longer do people find a brand that they like and stick to it for life! For this reason, we anticipate great price slashes from both independent and household brands as the festive season approaches. These competitive offers will no doubt begin on Black Friday.

If you have any predictions as to how this Black Friday will pan out, share your thoughts with us!