The internet is full of e-commerce websites. According to statistics, there are more than 24 million online shopping sites occupying the web right now! This is a figure that is always on the up given global consumer behaviours and the ever-increasing number of people ditching the high street for online vendors.

While the incredibly long list of online shopping options is great for consumers, for eCommerce business owners, competition is fierce. This is why if you run an online shopping site, investing in your platform is essential, ensuring you are batting off rivals at every given opportunity. Below, we at AddtoCart look at several ways you can increase the likelihood of commercial success.


Ensuring your website is easy to navigate and order from is essential for ecommerce success. Research shows that difficulty in placing orders is the main reason for users abandoning their shopping carts. By putting some thought into the sales process and conducting user testing, you’ll be able to gauge just how easy your website is to order from.


This is a continuation of the above point.

The number of consumers shopping online using mobile devices is increasing with each day that passes. With the progression in smartphone technology, online shopping has never been so easy and convenient. This is why ensuring your eCommerce website is set up for mobile visitors is essential if you’re looking to succeed in the modern market.


Although you will be eager to recoup the money spent of web development and marketing when pricing your products, ensuring your products are competitively priced is something you will need to think about. Price is one of the most important factors shoppers look at no matter what the product or service they’re seeking.

Our advice would be to conduct vigorous market research to see where in the market you should be on the subject of price. Pricing too high may scare shoppers where coming in too cheap may have a negative impact on your business’ bottom line.

Payment options

Modern consumers like to have options when shopping online. This is true when it comes to payment methods. By integrating many different payment options into your eCommerce website you ensure you’re not limiting your products to one type of payer. The most popular methods for UK eCommerce sites are credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Consider offering finance options (buy now pay later)

Giving your customers the option to finance their bill is a great way to increase revenue. By providing affordable finance facilities you automatically open your products up to a wider audience, including those that may not be able to afford to pay for goods in one lump sum.

The most popular finance facility ecommerce sites are using is Klarna; a payment option that allows users to pay for goods over three monthly payments.