It was recently announced that Squid Game is now officially the most-streamed show on Netflix globally, with the world becoming borderline obsessed with the South Korean survival drama.

Like with all popular shows, the demand for Squid Game merchandise and branded items is incredibly high. As well as Squid Game face masks, we are also seeing a significant spike in the number of online shoppers searching for Squid Game tracksuits. In fact, these ‘Made on Korea’ tracksuits have given the Korean garment industry a significant cash injection that it so desperately needed after the pandemic.

Being a key symbol of the iconic show, the teal zip-up hoodie and joggers are worn by the majority of the show’s characters, meaning those who buy them almost feel part of the treacherous game!

Squid Game tracksuits for Halloween 2021

Although a pretty cool outfit to wear on any occasion, the Squid Game tracksuit is an ideal consume for Halloween. This is because it is comfortable, easy on the eye yet still connected to the themes of horror and fright. What more could you ask for?

Many people are choosing to buy Squid Game tracksuits as they can be worn on Halloween and for other purposes, meaning they are a sustainable and versatile option.

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