As Halloween gets scarily close, many of us will be thinking about our all-important costumes, wanting something that will shock and scare the life out of our family, friends and neighbours on October 31st. 

Research shows that there has been an influx of searches for the following Halloween terms on e-commerce sites, social media as well as the search engines: Squid Game Halloween costumes, Squid Game masks, Boss mask, Manager mask, Soldier mask, Worker mask. Another popular search term is for the squid game tracksuit costumes, we will be covering that in upcoming blogs.

These have been from both children and adults wanting to dress as characters from the gruesome South Korean survival drama and feel part of the terrifying game. Centred on blood, gore, death and pure fright, Squid Game is the perfect theme for this year’s Halloween get up. Kids games with a life or death twist; what could be more petrifying?

If you are looking to grab the attention of all this Halloween then we highly recommend the Squid Game Halloween Mask! Being an exact replica of those worn on the hit TV show, these Squid Game masks are on-trend, striking and very high in quality; the perfect combination! 

While terrifying people half to death will be the objective this Halloween, there is no need to be uncomfortable whilst going about your dreadful business. You will be glad to learn that unlike many Halloween masks, this particular mask is light, airy and very comfortable to wear. 

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Here at, we feature thousands of items on our platform, with our team eager to cater to all types of shoppers with all types of requirements. However, as Halloween approaches, we have inevitably received orders for Halloween costumes and masks. With lockdown seeing us confined to our homes, Halloween 2021 is expected to be bigger and better than usual, with everyone set to go all out when it comes to their costumes.

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