When it comes to running a successful ecommerce business, planning and research can only get you so far. Sometimes, you just have to be lucky enough to tap into the zeitgeist — that cultural phenomenon that takes the world by storm at just the right time.

While we don’t have a crystal ball, and it’s difficult to foresee any new trends that might come out of emerging tech or unpredictable world events, we can build on what we know to predict what products will be hot in the coming months. Here, we’ve gathered together some of the best.

Power tools

According to recent research, there are almost 30,000 searches for the term “power tool accessories” every month, proving that the DIY trend which captured us all during lockdown is showing no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s drill attachments, circular saws, sanders, or impact drivers, power tools are clearly big business — and the scale of the home improvement sector makes it a great choice for companies looking to expand.

Wedding dresses

Thanks to the ongoing cost of living crisis, many brides-to-be are looking to make savings wherever they can — and eschewing boutiques in favour of online shopping is becoming a popular choice. This means that it’s a great time to get into the wedding dress business. With millions of searches every month, and a decent percentage of those looking to purchase online, there’s a huge customer base just ready and waiting to be tapped into.

Pet accessories

Research suggests that more than three million households acquired a pet during the pandemic. Tragically, some of these animals have wound up neglected — but the vast majority have found themselves in loving homes. And as a result, the pet business is booming. From dogs toys and training products to cat trees and treats, there are plenty of products to choose from.

Baby shirts

Who doesn’t love a baby in an adorable shirt? According to Google Trends, these are hot property right now, with thousands of searches coming in every month. If you choose to start a baby shirt business, there’s lots of scope to make it your own. You could try humorous shirts, for example, or make tiny kid-size versions of adult fashions.

Fancy dress

Fancy dress parties have always been popular, and now that large-scale gatherings are back on the agenda it appears that many are making up for lost time. So get in on the act by setting up a store for fancy dress costumes and accessories. You can specialise in a certain theme or trend, or stock a wide range of products across the board. With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll have plenty of guaranteed sales.