Whether you are selling unique fashion items, homeware, or even electronics, in order to sell large quantities, writing product descriptions is quite important. While social media and PPC may well be part of your overall marketing strategy, it’s important to not overlook the basics. 

Here at Add to Cart, we see many brands neglecting their product descriptions; a piece of the marketing puzzle that’s crucial you get right. In this blog post, we look at the importance of product descriptions, outlining a few tips that all e-commerce business should take note of.

What’s the point of a product description?

A product description essentially sells your product to the website visitor. By talking through the USPs and important details such as materials and colours, a consumer can visualise what it’s like to own the suggested item.

Product descriptions are good for SEO

The more content you post about your products on your website, the better. Not only does this information help visitors to make purchasing decisions but it also fares well for your SEO. Google simply loves full product descriptions and will reward e-commerce sites favourably for well-written, concise website content. Therefore, if you want to outshine your rivals in the Google rankings, product descriptions should be a key focus. 

Hire a freelancer to write your product descriptions

Websites with thousands of products require thousands of product descriptions. This is an almighty task that is way beyond the capabilities of a few individuals. However, leaving product descriptions empty simply isn’t an option. Not only will this negatively impact your SEO but your users’ experience on your site also. This is why hiring a freelancer to collaborate with you on this task may be an idea to consider.

If you have any thoughts or tips on writing product descriptions, we’d love to hear them.. get in touch with us.