With Black Friday just around the corner, many retailers will be exploring ways to maximise on this annual event. Famed for being the busiest shopping day of the year, retailers need to ensure their marketing is on point in order to make this Black Friday a success! Below we look at a few easy ways e-commerce business owners can maximise on Black Friday.

Unique offers

On Black Friday, the majority of brands will offer money-off promotions, buy-on-get-one-free deals and so on. This means in order to compete with rival brands, e-commerce sites will need to offer a competitive deal too.

Loyalty programs

Whether you are selling clothing, homeware or electronics on your website, doing all you can to encourage returning customers should be the priority. This is why many online shopping sites choose to launch loyalty programs on Black Friday.

Free shipping

It is anticipated that many platforms will be hooking customers in with free shipping this Black Friday. If you are looking at ways to drive revenue and encourage increased orders, this tactic is worth serious consideration. A recent survey found that a consumer is 60% more likely to order an item online if there is no charge for shipping. 

Conduct website testing 

It is likely that your website will receive an increased number of visitors on Black Friday given that the majority of consumers start their Christmas shopping then. Ensuring your website is ready to handle large volumes of visitors without crashing is therefore a must.

Social media

As well as visiting websites seeking deals, online shoppers will also be scrolling through social media pages looking for competitive offers. This is why keeping your social media pages busy in the lead up to Black Friday and on Black Friday is incredibly important. Whether this be through competitions or adverts, signposting your social followers to your website will help you to generate income.

So, there you have it; our top tips for e-commerce sites this Black Friday!