There is no question that our lives have changed dramatically since the Coronavirus outbreak, with social distancing restrictions being something we have never had to adhere to in our lives. However, being a few months in now, we are starting to adapt. From remaining social via apps like Zoom and House Party to remote working more efficiently, this new way of living is slowly getting easier.

But, one thing we are missing is shopping, with many of our favourite shops and outlets being shut or working with limited opening hours. This is where the power of online shopping has been a saving grace, allowing us to buy the clothes, cosmetics, foods and drinks we love.

Online shopping is not only keeping up sane but it is also the more responsible way to shop during lockdown. Here is why:

No unnecessary travel

Whether venturing to the local store or a large supermarket, you will need to leave the home and travel in order to buy your goods in person. This means travelling in some shape or form. With unnecessary travel being something that we are all encouraged to avoid, taking the process online makes sense on many levels. By limiting the number of people you are in close proximity to when at petrol stations and on public transport you limit the risk of contracting the virus and subsequently passing it on.

No human contact in store

While shop managers are doing all they can to keep items sanitised and limit the number of people on the premises at once, it is far safer to stay away from shops altogether. By doing your shopping online, you ensure no human contact, ensuring that you do not come into contact with anyone with the virus.

Safe delivery methods

The government has issued new guidelines surrounding delivering goods during the lockdown, with delivery drivers now being hugely in-demand professionals. By ordering items to be delivered, you can get the things you want and need while keeping your distance.

Save money!

As well as online shopping being good for social distancing, shopping this way can also save you a considerable amount of money, with e-commerce sites of all kinds reducing prices and running promotions during the lockdown.