If you are a retailer, today’s blog is tailored for you due to it primarily focussing on how to impress customers- specifically customers which purchase your products via large sites such as, Amazon and eBay. The ways we’ve listed below aren’t strategies that have been gathered out of thin air, but merely borrowed from well-known companies, companies who have it all figured out. All you have to do is borrow/adopt a few of these ideas to impress your customers. So let’s get started, here are three ways that you can impress your Amazon, eBay, and e-commerce customers easily.

1: Super fast shipping

The key is to under-promise and over-deliver when it comes to shipping. So basically promise a date and do your utmost to deliver the product to the customer sooner. Things in the e-commerce market are drastically changing. A few years ago 1-week delivery was completely standard and expected, however nowadays people don’t expect their purchase to be delivered later than 1-2 days.

As well as delivery timings, it’s always a good idea to offer at least two different types of delivery methods. One being a courier/Royal Mail and some kind of parcel point delivery service. These pick up locations are becoming more popular due to different lifestyles and people wanting to have control.

2: Packaging/un-packaging

It goes without saying that you should pack items in a neat and secure way, this is the absolute minimum. Although if you are selling own-brand items then why not go that one step further and create packaging which wows customers?

This change could be just a simple difference in how the package is opened, such as the way the Amazon cardboard envelopes are opened by pulling just that one bit. That is a classic example of how to improve packaging and impressing your customers before they’ve even touched the product.

3: High-quality products

This may sound like an obvious one but you only want to sell high-quality products in order to really impress your customers. There is nothing worse than a product being dead on arrival or one that breaks just a few days after it being delivered. So, we suggest that you stay clear of bad manufacturing and cheap components.

Plus, whilst getting a low price on a product may seem inviting, you should never sacrifice on product quality. Overall, value is the most important keyword to remember whilst impressing customers. If customers see value in what you are offering you will get those sales!