With lockdown easing and many of us leaving our homes for social engagements for the first time in months, plenty of people are realising that they’ve been piling on the pounds. And as a result, the fitness sector is booming more than ever before. What’s the best way to get and stay in shape in 2022?

The team at Hench2o have certainly come up with a novel solution. Founded to blend innovation with the desire for a healthy lifestyle, this start-up has launched the Power Bag – a unique product that utilizes the properties of water to create a workout like no other.

Advantages of Hench2o Power Bag?

Portable, adaptable and suitable for all levels of fitness, the Hench2o Power Bag is a cylindrical PVC bag that is designed to be filled up with water and used as an integral part of your workout routine. The amount of water used affects the weight of the bag. 

Hench2o Power Bag

The instability of the liquid inside creates an unpredictable weight mass – adding a new dimension to your training routine. By triggering certain muscle groups, the Power Bag helps build stamina, improve stability and boost core strength and power.

The water-based Power Bag comes with 5 handles, and you can use it for a wide range of exercises. And because it is simple to adjust the weight of this workout tool, it offers a more practical and affordable alternative to full sets of dumbbells or kettlebells.

It is no surprise, then, that Hench2o and their Power Bag have been making waves across the fitness sector. At their own dedicated store, shoppers will find products capable of carrying up to 25 kilos in weight. This is perfect for kickstarting your 2022 fitness regime.

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