It has been announced that e-commerce giant, Shopify, has partnered with music-sharing platform, Spotify. This pair-up will allow musicians to integrate a Shopify store into their Spotify profile, selling merchandise to their fan base via their Spotify account.

The process of syncing the two accounts is reported to be very straightforward and user friendly and can be achieved easily through an artist account. This will allow for an additional revenue stream for new and established musicians alike.

“Artists today are entrepreneurial. They’re building multifaceted brands and businesses, and now we’re making it easier for them to meet fans where they are,” said Amir Kabbara, Shopify’s Director of Product.

“By bringing entrepreneurship to Spotify, we’re empowering artists to think beyond the traditional merch table with new ways to monetize, and to experiment with their brands through commerce.”

To showcase this amazing new integration option, Shopify is giving a 90-day free trial to all new Spotify artists joining them. At present, artists can only feature one Shopify store on their artist page.

While this integration option is very much in its ‘beta’ stage, artists of the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand can now make use of it. It is expected to be rolled out globally in the coming months.

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