Previously, creating custom products was a long and expensive process, involving a pretty big gamble on the sellers’ behalf. But thanks to the popularity of print-on-demand services, anyone can get started offering customers their own unique designs.

The way it works is simple: partner up with a print-on-demand company of your choice, then get selling. Once customers have placed an order, your partner will get to work producing the item – so there’s no guesswork or wasted stock. But with so many different options out there, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? Here’s our guide to some of the best companies around.


One of the most popular print-on-demand platforms, Printful offers a wide range of products ready to be customised with your own design. So whether you want printed t-shirts, embroidered baseball caps or branded accessories it’s a great place to get started. What’s more, beginners will benefit from a range of features such as product mock-ups and logo design to help them along their way.


Although it’s basic offering is similar to Printful, Redbubble has another string to its bow – the opportunity to sell your products via the site’s own international marketplace. Again, there are a wide variety of items to choose from, including t-shirts, stickers, and phone cases as well as some unusual options such as cushions, duvet covers and more.


Printify, on the other hand, works in a slightly different way. Instead of supplying the products itself, this platform connects you with an international network of printing partners, giving you a really wide range of items and packages to choose from. What’s more, you can also select a partner based on location, meaning that you can offer your customers reduced shipping costs.


Looking for lightning-quick fulfillment times? SPOD could be the solution. According to their site, 95% of orders ship within just 48 hours, allowing you to deliver a great customer experience. 

And while they might not offer the widest selection of products, they make up for it with competitive prices and a user-friendly format that’s easy to get the hang of.


At the other end of the scale is CustomCat, a print-on-demand service with a dizzying array of products for you to choose from – more than 550 at the last count. So if you’ve got a niche offering in mind, CustomCat is probably the best place to start looking. From branded windbreaker jackets to duffel bags emblazoned with your own design, they’ve got a great selection of items at a surprisingly affordable price.