After several long months of lockdown, a lot of us have let our health and fitness goals slide. But now is the perfect time to find some motivation and get in shape. And of course, the team at Add to Cart will be by your side. If you need a little help in looking and feeling your best, our newest store Dr. Gus Nutrition can deliver.

Founded in Yorkshire, England, by a husband and wife team, Dr. Gus Nutrition is the brainchild of Jung Eun, a Korean native with a love of food and wellness, and Paul, who holds a doctorate in physiology. After Paul was injured, Jung Eun used a traditional bone broth remedy to nurse him back to health, laying the foundations for what would become their own nutrition and wellness brand.

After studying the science behind bone broth and realizing its potential, the couple launched Dr Gus Nutrition, stocking a range of products based around Jung Eun’s secret family recipe. As well as the dried and powdered broth, which is believed to aid recovery, boost gut health and even improve skin, the company also manufactures a selection of balms – ideal for moisturising and soothing problem skin.

At Dr Gus Nutrition, the team believe in ethical, nose-to-tail farming, practising carbon-neutral techniques, and ensuring that their products are produced without harming the precious environment around us. Interested to give it a go? Well, you’re in luck. The Dr Gus Nutrition store at Add to Cart has just launched, encompassing five whole collections of their most popular items. So if you’re interested in finding out what bone broth can do for you, or you just want to sample some eco-friendly nutrition and wellness products, check them out today!

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