In this day and age, more and more people are becoming aware of the impact that their shopping habits have on the world around them. And at a time when many natural resources are dwindling fast, it’s becoming essential that we make sustainable choices.

Previously, though, choosing an ethical, eco-friendly brand has often meant compromising on style. But that’s not the case any longer. Now, there’s a whole host of luxurious and fashion-forward names offering up incredible designs that don’t cost the earth. And at the forefront is Elvis & Kresse, a sustainable brand that uses discarded fabrics to create beautiful accessories, homeware and more.

The Origin

Elvis & Kresse started life back in 2005, when an encounter with the London Fire Brigade led to a startling revelation. Because the hoses used by the firefighters were made from a rubber composite, they could not be recycled. But what if someone could find a new, creative use for all this waste?

Using decommissioned fire hoses that had served the department for 25 years, Elvis & Kresse began designing a range of handbags, belts, wallets and other accessories – all delivering a desirable vintage look despite being brand new. And since then, their business has gone from strength to strength, with stars such as Cameron Diaz among their fans. Moreover, in 2017 they partnered with the Burberry Foundation to tackle the problem of leather waste. They launched a five-year program that will see some 120 tonnes of off-cuts recrafted into new designer items.

The philosophy of Elvis & Kresse is based around three pillars: they rescue discarded materials, transform them into luxurious lifestyle accessories, and donate to charitable causes – currently 50% of all profits go to the Fire Fighters Charity, helping firefighters to overcome trauma and PTSD.

In other words, Elvis & Kresse combine a unique business plan with sustainable ethics and a desirable end product – exactly the sort of company that Add to Cart loves to promote. Which is why we’re delighted to welcome them on board, with more than 80 incredible products now available to buy via their dedicated online store. So if you want to look glamorous while doing your bit to protect the planet, check them out today.

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