Beard Growth Spray by  Volumon
Beard Growth Spray by Volumon

Beard Growth Spray



  • SUPER QUICK- For a Fuller, Thicker & Darker Beard...FAST! Stimulates Hair Follicles to Produce Rapid Hair Growth
  • 100% NATURAL- Unique Blend of Effective Natural Ingredients Extracted Under High Tech Engineering for the Most Effective and Fast Beard Growth
  • BIG VALUE- 1 X 60ML Bottle Lasts Over One Month.
  • GET YOUR DOMINANCE BACK! Explanations for the existence of beards include signalling sexual maturity and signalling dominance by increasing perceived size of jaws, and clean-shaved faces are rated less dominant than bearded.
  • FINALLY A SOLUTION- For those of us out there longing for a solution to combat poor beard growth, need look no further. Volumon Beard Growth Spray is the most effective, revolutionary natural beard growth product to hit the market. With a small yet complex blend, of natural ingredients, the spray is able to give you a fuller, thicker and darker beard...FAST!

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