Christmas Chalkboard

Christmas Chalkboard

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About this product :

Make yourself feel merry with this seasonal chalkboard!

Types of Surfaces

  • Standard Chalkboard Supreme Medite (MDF)
    Asurface that has been undercoated with an exterior primer undercoat and top coated with exterior chalkboard, so that bare wood is never visible. Available in 6mm or 12mm thicknesses, both can be used indoors and outdoors, just let us know as extra care will be given as it's advised to use 12mm for exterior use as its more rigid and durable against the weather.
  • Superior Easy Clean HPL Chalkboard
    We are proud to know that we are the only supplier in the UK offering this type of product to you. It has endless possibilities from Scoreboards, menus that are changed daily and perfect for children’s garden/playroom chalkboards as it will never need painting, will never fade or discolour, and it wipes cleanly after each use. Perfect every time, all weather chalkboard with a minimum 5-year guarantee!! You simply will not be able to find another like it!
  • Magnetic 1mm Surface
    After many years of searching for the perfect magnetic surface we finally found a reliable supplier whom we can trust and can give you the perfect magnetic chalkboard we are proud of. Excellent, smooth surface with a very slight grain , it can be used with any household magnet and chalk surface. Suitable for any child of all ages (over the age of three), offices, school or any business anywhere and everywhere. Take a look at our accessories, for magnets, chalks, erasers and magnetic pen holders to supplement and augment it's use!

    We can offer other thicknesses if required just contact us,we will be happy to help. Available with holes drilled by us for attaching to a wall with one of the fixing kits that we supply on the checkout page.

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    | Updated: 29th April 2022

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