Override 2: Ultraman Deluxe Edition (PS5)

Override 2: Ultraman Deluxe Edition (PS5)

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About this product :

  • Override 2: Ultra man Deluxe Edition includes the main game, Ultra man Season Pass: containing 4 Super-Charged Ultramarine characters - Ultra man, bemular, Dan moroboshi, and Black King, as well as an exclusive Ultra man cosmetic Pack
  • career mode: fight in Mech leagues and soar to heights, aiming to be the best Mech Pilot
  • represent your Club and work together with its members to earn influence and rewards
  • ranked rumbles: two mechs enter, one leaves. Battle through the competition and climb the ranks to become a legendary Pilot
  • Mech Mania: 20 playable robots including brand- mechs with unique abilities, skill sets, and ultimate moves
  • hazardous arenas: competitive fighting grounds that include dynamic elements such as geysers, Lava pools, and platforms that encourage strategy and unexpected outcomes
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    | Updated: 17th August 2023

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