Luigis Mansion 2: Dark Moon (3DS)

Luigis Mansion 2: Dark Moon (3DS)

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He may seem like the nervous type, but our reluctant hero Luigi will need to get over his fears if he's to complete his mission and get rid of some particularly stubborn spooks in the ghostly mansions of Luigi's Mansion 2 only on Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS. With his trusted 'Poltergust' spectre-sucking vacuum cleaner in hand, it's time for Mario's brother to take centre stage and save the day! As the first sequel to 2002's launch title on Nintendo GameCube, you can expect all the thrills and spills of Luigi's Mansion, with bags of fun features and superb stereoscopic 3D, too. Experience the murky mansions, ghastly ghosts, and spooky surroundings of the game in glorious 3D. If you enjoyed the perilous puzzles of its predecessor, then you'll be in for a real surprise when you play Luigi's Mansion 2 as it boasts more puzzles than ever before, which will really put your brain to the test. If you're up for the challenge, you'll find the ghosts even craftier this time around; you'll need to do much more than shine a light on these petrifying phantoms, making use of your strobe light to shock them before you can vacuum them up. With an array of ghosts haunting the various mansions of the game, you'd best be ready to help poor scaredy-cat Luigi figure out how to defeat them all! There are plenty of secrets within these old mansion walls too, but that's really just another reason for our lean, green ghost-hunting machine to explore! Hoover up leaves to unveil secret stashes, gobble up wallpaper to expose hidden hoards, suck up stacks of cash, and reveal forgotten treasure chests. If you need a little help cleaning up ghosts, why not team up with friends who buy Luigi's Mansion 2? In the fabulous multiplayer mode, up to four people will be able to take on the mighty Scarescraper, which is jam-packed to the rafters with all sorts of paranormal creatures. Work together to get each floor spook-free, earning bonuses and upgrades as you go along depending on how well your team does. Just remember, you'll be up against the clock and can expect to face some pretty terrifying big boss battles at the top of the tower. Each player can choose the number of floors to play through, from five, 10, or 25, while the ability to adjust the difficulty levels means both and veteran gamers will be catered for. You can even revive your fallen teammates if you want to keep the multiplayer adventure going for longer!
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| Updated: 15th June 2022

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