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SGW-UK  Run Rig by Savage Gym Wear UK
SGW-UK  Run Rig by Savage Gym Wear UK
SGW-UK  Run Rig by Savage Gym Wear UK
SGW-UK  Run Rig by Savage Gym Wear UK

SGW-UK Run Rig



The Run Rig is a must have for all fitness enthusiasts, whether its running, cycling or weight training; our vest accommodates a wide range of sporting activities. No, we haven't tried swimming in it, but we may just give it a go.

The phone pouch, located on the front of the rig, is designed to give quick and easy access- enabling you to change music, check phone calls and track your progress.

No more heart stopping moments as your phone slips from your pocket, and you turn it over praying that the screen is still in one piece; this pouch will ensure an uninterrupted workout where your phone remains close, safe and functional

Durability, Functionality & Design are key elements to the Savage Gymwear UK brand. All our products go through a rigorous testing process before allowing our valued customers to purchase them, and this Run Rig has been no different.

The Rig is designed with waterproof elements eliminating the worry of your phone and keys getting wet when training in harsher weather. It has reflective chevrons for visibility when training in low light levels, which provides that extra level of safety and an adjustable waist band for comfort and a tailored fit.

The Run Rig is designed for all, its unisex design keeps a fresh look and fits seamlessly into your workout attire; it allows the user to be unrestricted through their workout programs.

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