SGW-UK Faded Muscle T (PRE ORDER - CLOSED) by Savage Gym Wear UK




Our SGW-UK faded muscle T is a must have for any exercise, it's muscle fit shoulders, chest and arms are comfortable but body fitting and with the 10% spandex material, gives it the perfect level of stretch during those big lifts!

The lower part of the T shirt is a looser fit and has a longer line so that it doesn't ride up when you raise your arms. 

Team SGW-UK voted this one of our best muscle T's so far. 


10% Spandex

45% Polyester 

45% Cationic - Cationic cotton is cotton that has been chemically modified to possess a permanent cationic, or positive, charge. ... This in turn creates a shorter and more efficient dyeing process that utilizes less water, energy, and chemicals. Visit our Savag.eco page to learn more about our eco initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. 

10% Spandex


All pre orders will be shipped on 31st Aug 2021 

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